Boaz Avni - Composer

Pianist, Arranger, Orchestrator.

Boaz Avni acquired a broad and deep musical education by himself, including variable academic courses in the “Rubin” Music Academy in Tel-Aviv University and other institutions.                       

As a scholarship winner from the Israel-America fund, he performed a piece written by him in the “Young artist week” in the Tel-Aviv Museum of the Arts.

Private piano lessons - Prof.  Boris Lvov, Victor Derevianko, Samuel Cohen. Composition - Prof. Sergiu Natra

1997-2003 - Composing and performing the music for the films “Mr. Baum” and “The Gospel according to God” by renowned filmmaker Assi Dayan. Here is what Film critic Shmulik Duvdevany wrote in his review of “The Gospel according to God”: “…and the music composed by Boaz Avni is one of the most beautiful, mind this, ever written for an Israeli film.”

2000-2001 - A production of a CD of his music played by him, with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra conducted by Horia Andreescu. BOAZ AVNI – INGREDIENTS  Available for mp3 downloads on Amazons worldwide, iTunes and other music web stores.

Along the years - Piano recitals starting at the age of 11, including premieres of my own works.  The concerts took place in ”Henry Crown” Auditorium in  Jerusalem , “Einav” center in Tel-Aviv, and other places.

Composer and pianist in residence for “Synergy”, a prestigious television show in Israeli TV - channel 2.  

2004-2007 - Composing classical religious music.

Published by TrevCo Music

Boaz Avni - Sonata for Bassoon & Piano

Boaz Avni - Andante Amoroso for Bassoon & Piano